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Tilak / Gopi Chandan

Tilak / Gopi Chandan
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Tilak / Gopi Chandan

 The tilak (Sanskrit tilaka, "mark") is a mark worn on the forehead and other parts of the body for spiritual reasons.

According to Vaishnava tradition, gopi-chandana, or the sacred soil from Dwaraka or Vrnadavan, is applied on the body in twelve places while reciting mantras to Lord Vishnu. It is sai that this process purifies one's body, designating it as a temple of the Lord. Besides purification, the tilak also offers the wearer protection from ghosts, evil influences, bad dreams, accidents and many other things. It keeps one's mind calm and allows one to constantly remember Lord Krishna. The sacred dust of vrndavan is said to have touched the lotus feet of Sri Krishna's exclusive devotees and is worshipable even by Sri Krishna himself.

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